Embracing Smart Living: the 2010 IT Month

  • Source:Taipei City Government

The Largest IT Event at Year’s End
Date: Dec.4~12
Time: 10:00AM~6:00PM
Venue: Taipei World Trade Center-Hall 1& Hall 3
Admission: Free Entry
Homepage: http://www.itmonth.org.tw

I might be crazy to go to Hall 1 this afternoon. i took MRT to Taipei city hall, then took the free bus to the world trade center.Without schedule, i were fooling around the hall 1. But, i still had something to buy. It's the first time i came to this big show with my friend ,Peter. i got a hand-pressing flash light, an ipod earphones for free...
With stumbled feet, i am home! - 地圖日記 http://www.atlaspost.com/landmark-7213388.htm#ixzz17GTCyRg0


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