What a cold night when i came back to Miaoli city.
This afternoon i went to Daan PO by MRT from Peter's home, i dropped off the train at ZhongxiaoXinsheng station and walked to Xinyi Rd. I gave 6 red balls which i had promised before to senior sister who work at the 2F Customs of Daan PO.Then, i walked to ZhongxiaoFuxing station to visit a friend of collector.But he didn't live there after i called him on the phone.So, i took mrt to Peter's home and picked up my luggage. Went to Taipei bus station by mrt, got on the bus at 17:25 and went home.
Last night, i had dinner with my junior classmates, Peter and 5 young girls. We ate BBQ at Shaoba which located in lane 160, Dunhua Rd.We had good meal last night and knew each other, Left good impression with a girl called Yifen Liao. She is smart, generous, slim and good looking girl but a little short to me.


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