After studied the stocks market and investment this morning,i went to Taipei with mom by bus at 1150.When i arrived at Taipei and took MRT to my friend's home near Daqiaotou station, then i borrowed their motorcycle and went to sec. floor of DaAn post office.After the check of my parcel from US, the staff wanted me to pay the cigarette and the health tax about 4635 NTD.OMG!This was the first time i had to pay the tax since i bought tobaccos from abroad in these 2 yrs. So, i paid it unwillingly.Next time, i better not to buy them over 4 lbs.
   On the way back to my friend's home, i went to Yufeng of Huayin st. near Taipei station to buy karl erik no.20, alsbo and excellent tobaccos, becauz they were cheaper than Taichung.
   My youngest brother,ShiQiang, treated mom and me dinner at"pal n pals抱飲抱食" near Xiaobitan station. 20 oz steak we ate.After dinner,he took us to Taipei station and we took the bus back to Miaoli city at 2030.


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